The stool. It’s the ideal perch for late-night prognosticating about the latest season of Real Housewives of Moose Jaw or sitting with your morning coffee while catching up on the news. It’s a stylish sentry of a seat that can flank everything from the island in your kitchen, window seat in a cafe, to the bar at, you know, the bar. 

With a sleek and minimal design, the stool can help tie together the tapestry of your space and be a highlight all its own. Stools are also the quintessential host locale for conversations of all depth levels, between friends, enemies, lovers, strangers — the whole gamut. 

Speaking of, is there a stool that pairs perfectly with a particular conversation? Perhaps a chat that can help you find the right seats for your space?

Let’s listen in.



Sitting on the Circo, you can almost feel the spectre of Sam Malone looking across the bar at you. Giving you a bit of good-natured lip as he pulls the towel from his shoulder to give the mug a wipe before executing the perfect pour.

The Circo is the classic stool refined. Comfy leather seat, sturdy walnut legs — all that’s missing is an off-hand comment about the Boston Red Sox.