Ah, the bedroom. It’s where you get your beauty sleep, a prime Sunday morning staycation destination, your home office when you don’t want to take that Zoom call in the actual home office, and, if you were introducing it on an episode of Cribs, “where the magic happens.”

But the bedroom, for all the wonderful purposes it serves, doesn’t always get the same amount of love and attention as the rest of the home when it comes to design. It tends to go overlooked and at times underappreciated. Things don’t have to be this way, though. Are you looking to make your bedroom the one room you don’t want to leave (in, you know, a positive way)? 

We’ve got some tips on how to make your own bedroom oasis. From the obvious king-to-queen sized solutions, new storage pieces that bring the style, decor that’ll help bring the room an extra dimension, and some leafier options to help bring it to life.